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Tube for evaporator, Mingyang worthy of choice

   The evaporator tube is a high efficient heat exchange tube, which belongs to the evaporative heat exchange tube in the air conditioning and refrigeration system. The company has an experienced management team composed of high and intermediate professional and technical personnel. The product has reached the international advanced quality standard, and its products have been exported to Shandong and even the whole country.

       As a kind of high efficient heat pipe evaporator, tube comprises a tube body with the evaporator, and the material is composed of a pipe body along the tube body (1) in the radial direction and extension tube around the outer surface of the pipe body, a spiral state formed by the extension tube body and spiral fin, as one of them a space between adjacent spiral fin fin groove, which is characterized by open intervals along the circumferential direction of the pipe body fin circumferential groove, groove by fin and fin circumferential groove and the spiral fin forming an independent evaporation heat transfer surface expansion unit.