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Condenser PK cooler for condenser tubes

As we all know, cooler and condenser are all important parts of heat exchange process. Many customers are curious about the difference between condenser and cooler during the process of choosing cooler.

1) there is no phase change in the cooler, but there is phase change in the condenser. There is no change in the pipeline of the inlet and outlet cooler, which is generally the difference between the inlet and outlet of the pipe diameter, and the diameter of the inlet and outlet condenser is relatively large, which is still easier to see.

2) in general, the setting of the baffle plate is not the same, the condenser is left and right, the cooler is set up and down, and the heat transfer coefficient is different also.

3) intermediate cooler with a level meter and level control in the condenser; steam inlet and outlet in the cold opening in the upper part of the container and the pipe diameter is roughly the same size, and the liquid condenser are at the bottom of the container, and the diameter and inlet are different; in the cold fluid inlet and ammonia exit on the container below, and the inlet and outlet of the condenser is not vertical, generally is up and down, at one end of the horizontal container.

In summary, there is phase transition for the condenser, otherwise cooler; because the gas from the upper condenser into the condenser, a condensing surface, and the gas enters, all concentrated in the upper part of the condenser, so baffled to set around, let the condensed liquid prolong the residence time to feed from the cooler cooling; later, in order to effectively utilize the heat exchanger area of the baffle plate to the next set, let the required cooling medium filled cooler.