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Oil leaks in the automobile tubing in summer

  The summer is coming, the hot weather is also the following. What happens in the summer cars? Such as tire blowout, wire aging, oil pipe oil leakage, and other problems, it is necessary to solve the problem in time. The Mingyang pipe industry as the years of production and sales of automotive tubing manufacturers, but also have their own views on the situation of oil spill.

   Oil pipe leakage of the car, may be the tubing loose, also may be oil pipe or parts damage caused. In the first case, as long as the tubing is tightened, the second case, the safest way is to replace the car tubing or the whole component. Of course, it's best not to do it yourself, and it should be done by the professional.


  Two methods can be used to determine whether the car oil pipe oil leakage: 1, "smell", and oil is different from the oil, gasoline is more volatile, it is difficult to see the leakage traces. But if you smell a clear gasoline smell when you are using the car, be careful that the car is likely to leak oil. 2, "look", carefully check the engine room, car chassis, to see if there is any trace of oil leakage.