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Improving the heat transfer effect of evaporator tube

  There are many kinds of evaporators. The central circulation tube is evaporator heating chamber, which consists of vertical tube bundle. In the middle, there is a large central circulation pipe, and the other smaller diameter heating tube is called boiling tube.

  The large central circulating tube tube evaporator heat transfer surface, the unit volume of solution of possession, is smaller than the boiling solution inside the tube occupied units, namely the central circulation pipe and other heating tube heating solution in different degrees, and the boiling liquid vapor mixture inside the tube is denser than the central circulation pipe in the solution density small, coupled with rising steam to the pumping action of the solution in the evaporator form a circulation by the central circulation pipe down, rising by boiling tube.

  It also achieves the purpose of high heat transfer effect. Mingyang pipe industry provides various evaporator tubes on the sales, price concessions, welcome to order.