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What do you do when the car's tubing is broken?

Of course, the best way to break the oil pipe is to change a new one, otherwise the oil leak will be unthinkable. What should we do if there is no road repair plant on the road, and the car has a tube that breaks or breaks? Xiaobian teach you my pipe industry in a small way.

  When the fuel pipe ruptures, it can wipe the ruptured place, spread the soap and wrap it around the rupture of the tubing with soap coated cloth or adhesive tape, and tie it tightly with iron wire, then apply a layer of soap on the surface. When the automobile oil pipe breaks, it can find a rubber pipe or plastic pipe sleeve matching with the diameter of the oil pipe, such as tight connection, and tie the wire tightly at both ends, so as to prevent oil leakage.

  My pipe industry supply all kinds of tube like, said today's car has one of the tube is the company's product price, if there is any need to call us.